Mountains, Jesus and a whole lot of laughter

My title sums up my past week basically. We packed up our bags (I over packed by far) hopped on a bus and headed to the mountains of Durango, Mexico to spend the week camping as a DTS. Coming from a warm beachy place, the pine trees and cold air was a nice welcome. Cold. And I mean cold. We spent the week with a fantastic teacher on fear of the Lord. Super convicting topic. God really began to work on the deepest parts of my heart, the most hidden parts. We serve a very gentle God, one who doesn’t push but instead loves to just love.

Monday was my 19th Birthday. Back home, I would have gone out for drinks with friends, hung out, typical 19th Birthday. Here, I climbed (and slipped a lot) up a mountain, where I spent the next two hours soaking in Jesus’s love and presence. I spent the day growing in my relationship with God. I spent my day with some of my best friends. People who are very dear to my heart. My most favorite birthday of all. If you really know me, you know that I love my birthday. (Little secret about me if ya didn’t know)

I am so thankful. For a lot of stuff that God is doing in my life. He is giving me a lot of joy. More joy then I know what to do with most of the time. I am thankful for my Chile outreach team (If you guys are reading this, shout out to you guys. Love you all, can’t wait to spend the next 5 weeks together) I am incredibly thankful for the staff team that is leading my DTS, you guys rock. I am so thankful for deep friendships and mocha cake. I am thankful for the love and faithfulness of Jesus. I am thankful for this life that I get to live. I am thankful for crazy taxi rides (ask me about this one) and wild adventures.

A lot of the time I can’t believe that in two very short weeks, I will be saying goodbye to a lot of my close friends here, jumping on a plane with 15 other crazy awesome people and flying into Chile. A lot of the time, I have to pinch myself to remind myself that I am even here in Mexico. It all seems like a dream, God is so good. I love to watch him provide. His timing is always perfect. Always beautiful. People are receiving donations, money is coming in. We still need your financial help, but most of all we need your prayer support.

*** I will be using this blog to keep you updated though my time in Chile (Wifi willing).

Extra tight hugs + lotsa blessings,


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One thought on “Mountains, Jesus and a whole lot of laughter”

  1. Nat
    Have I ever told you that you are special? Thought so; but I will tell you again and again and never stop!

    Nat you are so Loved and so preciously Special to your Creator and me!



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