Yet another update on my life

We have a few hours of free time, so I thought that it would be a good time to get another blog post out to you guys.

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since I said my goodbyes and stepped on a plane and flew to Mexico.  Since I walked onto this base and stepped into my room where I will be spending the next 5 months of my life. These 3 weeks have been absolutely incredible. I feel as if I have stepped into an adopted family.

Mexican culture in its self is awesome. Literally everybody shares whatever they are eating, even if it is something not very sharable like cake. Me? I don’t share my cake. Especially if it is chocolate. Something that I am really trying to get myself to like is tortillas (we literally eat them at every meal) and refried beans (ew). 

They value families and the art of families (not sure what I should use as a word here) But for example, every Wednesday the base gets together and we all share a meal and celebrate anybody who has had a birthday during the week. Something else I love is that 2 or 3 people get up and affirm the person who is celebrating their birthday. Then they all get thrown in the pool. Awesome eh?

Now that I feel as if I have updated you on life here, I will update you on how I am doing. It was really hard for me the first couple of days… to about a week. I  felt like I wasn’t even sure what I was doing here and why I had even come. I was so emotional. Like literally so emotional. But God really just showed me that he brought me here for his glory, and that he had his reasons. Reasons that I still don’t know, but I have a new found peace over it all. God is so good ya’ll.

I was sharing with my one on one (who is freaking awesome btw) that I felt like I was scared to get close to anybody here, because in 5 short months I knew that I would have to say goodbye and maybe not even see that person ever again here on earth. She was telling me that when she first arrived, she felt the same, but the amount that her life is enriched by all the friendships she has made has made it so worth it. After talking with her, I began to open up to some girls in my room. They are like sisters to me, thats how close I feel to them. Praise Jesus, I am so thankful for them.

On Thursdays after class, we all go to ministry. There is whole bunch of different ones, but I wanted one where I didn’t have to speak spanish, because the language barrier has been quite the problem for me. The first week, I tried Bible ministry. The point of this one is to get a Bible in every house. We set out, filled our backpacks and arms with Bibles and off we went. I really liked the idea behind this one, but I felt like I wasn’t being Jesus’s hands and feet. I wasn’t showing his love like I felt I was called to. I tried homework club this past week, and let me tell you, this was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do. We prepped a snack and grabbed a taxi, where we headed to a part of Mazatlan that I have never been to. The amount of garbage, and I couldn’t believe what they called their houses. Everything was basically in ruins. We set up tables and went out to invite the kids, if they wanted to play games or needed help with their homework. Being there with the kids, just loving on them really hit me hard. How ungrateful I can be. How often I would complain about having a cold shower, when I should be grateful that I am even have running water. Since Thursday, I have been catching myself complaining a lot, and I am really trying to work on this. As much as it hurts me inside, I love this ministry so much because I just get to love on the kids.

That is just a bit from life here in Mazatlan, there will be another blog post coming soon, whenever I get around to it….soon I  hope.



Update #2 – learning. 

It has been one full week of classes, and I can’t remember the last time I have cried so much in one week. God is so faithful, and he has been taking down the walls that I have put up around my heart, telling me just how much he loves me and wants a relationship with me. Over this past week, God has been teaching me that the walls I have put up, were walls of religion and not relationship. Walls of religion that I had put up over the years, I had thought for the longest time that this was how I got close to Jesus. But I always felt far away. I read my bible every morning and I prayed. I went to church and I worshiped. But I was stuck in religion and not relationship. God has used this week to take down those walls. To show me what relationship means with him. That he treasures me. That he loves me. That he yearns to take me deeper. I have been able to look at the bible with new eyes. I have actually been able to look forward to my quiet time, to hear him speak instead of dreading it.

I have been feeling way better about being here. I know that right now, this is where I need to be. Sure, it would be nice to be at home and be with my family and my friends, but this place, right here in Mazatlan is where I need to be.

Life here in Mazatlan is pretty awesome too. I have made some awesome friends, friendships that will last forever. They have the best smoothies here, huge smoothies for 33 pesos. So like super cheap. The taxis are these awesome cute little things that look like golf carts. Those are super fun to take. We have ministry on Thursdays, and we each get to choose a ministry and go out and love on people. This had been hard on me because I don’t speak any Spanish, but I’m learning. I am also learning that God can use me to minister to these people even though I don’t speak their language.

It’s been awesome. I can’t wait to see what’s next.



Update #1 – loving it here.

It has been less then a week since I stepped on that plane, said my goodbyes and flew into Mexico. What a crazy adventure. I absolutely love it here, the culture, the people and the way YWAM  works in general. I was talking to one of the staff today and she was asking how it was going. I told her it felt like home to me. I love my home back in Canada, but Mexico has already become like a second home to me. I share a room with 9 other girls, and half of them only speak Spanish. This has been interesting trying to communicate, but very fun as well. Everybody here loves Jesus. It is so evident when they smile and reach out to people. I love being surronded by all these different cultures and countries. There are 10 different countries represented in my DTS. This week has been kind of like orientation, getting to know everybody. The staff are awesome. They are so welcoming and friendly. They are so real. This is just a short blog post, but there will be more coming in the near future. I hope y’all are not too cold back in Canada, we have had nothing but sun. It’s so beautiful here. 


Just a lil update.

I fly out at 7am in the morning. Oh my goodness. This is been months in planning and now it 11 hours away.

God is faithful. I am just going to say that again, cause he is so faithful. God is faithful. People have been asking me how I am feeling about leaving, and I just keep saying that I have an unearthly peace about it. Peace has been my hearts cry these past couple of weeks, and the peace that I am experiencing is such a God thing.

I have learned a lot about myself in these past couple of weeks leading up to this moment. I have learned that I need to put my entire trust in Jesus. Not just a piece here and a little bit there, but I need to fully lean on him because I will not and am not able to do this without him guiding me. I have been pulled out of my comfort zone. I have been able to tell complete strangers about what I will be doing, and how Jesus has become such a huge part of my life. Talk about cool eh?

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