Beauty in the broken.

I was scrolling through Facebook when a news article popped up on my feed. A lot of the new stories that I see are sad stories, telling of death and destruction. This one read: Haitians worship among devastation of storm. I read this news article twice, crying. As Hurricane Mathew literally destroyed their homes and killed loved ones, they walked through debris to what was left of the churches and began to worship. They chose to worship instead of worrying about how to clean up the huge mess left behind. They chose to worship, even though they had lost everything. They chose to worship, in spite of the destruction.

There is beauty in the broken. I know that this is kind of a cliche saying, but there truly is. You just need to know where to look. You need to look up and praise him for what he is doing.  When I am upset, the last thing I want to do is worship – I am just being honest here. I just want to feel sorry for myself and worry about how I am going to fix the problem that I have gotten myself in to. I need to change my attitude, and began to worship and praise God, even though everything is going wrong and I don’t know why. My problems seem small compared to a hurricane literally destroying everything I own, and I still struggle with praising him through the storm.

It is something that God is teaching me, its yet another season and I am so thankful for his faithfulness.