I’m learning what it truly means to trust.

I am going to let you in on a little part of my life that has just happened. A couple of months ago, I had a terrible day at work. Absolutely terrible. I drove home from that work day so angry at everybody and God. I was screaming at him, because I was so fed up with everything that was going on in my life. On my way home, I had a humbling experience where God basically told me to trust him, he was bigger than anything that was going on in my life. I asked for forgiveness because I was being stubborn, and I wasn’t ready to let go. In that moment of tears dripping down my ¬†face, I whispered that I trusted him no matter what. From that moment on, God took me into a season where I couldn’t have gotten to where I am if I hadn’t trusted in God. I applied to 6 or 7 jobs, hoping that I might get a call. I might get an interview. I might even get another job. Days went past. Weeks went past. A month. I began to think about what I had gotten myself into. Why hadn’t God given me an opportunity for a new job? I didn’t get it. But God had something even better up his sleeve, the perfect job for what I needed and was looking for. Well not perfect, but pretty close. I am going to be nannying for a family, the timing is such a God thing. I look back at this short little adventure that I have been on, and what it means to let go and truly trust him. He has so much planned for us, we just need to be open to see what he has planned. I can’t wait to see what else God is going to be teaching me next, he is truly awesome.

– Nat