A little epiphany

I was driving home after dropping my co-worker off at work at Baden Coffee. It was snowy and the roads were icy so I had reduced my speed. I was thinking about how I hadn’t set aside time for Jesus in a some time and I told myself I would pull out my bible and spend time with him when I got home. Then it dawned on me, I don’t have to make a scheduled time to spend time with God, he meets us wherever we are. I guess you could call that an epiphany. Right then and there I began to just spill my heart out, it has been a tough couple of days and I needed to get it out. I spent the rest of my ride just talking like he was sitting right beside me. When I got home, I pulled out my laptop and began to do homework, and completely forgot to even read my bible. I saw it later on my bedside table and thought back to the car ride with Jesus. Side note: There was a story that I had printed out, about YWAM, that talked about where Jesus meets you where you are, where you are hurting and where you are broken. He will meet you while you are washing dishes, or you have sunk to the floor in the bathroom in tears. I cry every time I read this story. I just think it is so cool, so humbling that he came down to this earth as a human and experienced pain and heartache. He understands us. I mean God created us, crafted us with the most tender of loves. Back to the beginning, I am learning that he meets us wherever we are, no matter the mess we are in. He creates beauty out of the ashes.